For all these types of machines the overhaul is total.

We insert a lot of optional that, very often, aren’t even present in new machinery, for example:

  • Total disassembly of injectors and mechanical part,
  • replacing the mould-holder columns,
  • Adjustment of balancing device with total replacement of heating plate and insulating plate,
  • replacement of the screws and barrel opening stroke transformation from 250mm to 350mm,
  • modified to accommodate moulds with total thickness up to 330mm,
  • replacement of PLC and PC inserting the latest software generation for control and monitoring of machine parameters,
  • replacement of all hydraulic pipes and modification of hydraulic unit to insert the Energy Saving Vera® system.

Providing complete manuals in any language including CE certification (only in Europe) for the Safety Essentials Requirements (RES) of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE implemented in Italy with D.LGS. of 27 January 2010, n.17.



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