Who we are



To understand VERA®’s potentiality must focus on its data: in 3 years of activity, it has revised and innovated about 30 machines for the footwear industry, achieving a consolidated income of over 2 million euros in 2017, mantaining its production in Conselve.
For VERA® export represents 60% of its income.

VERA® Worldwide

VERA® is officially represented in over 20 countries and in four continents.

Staff and sales agents have advanced competences and they are subjected to continuous training.
The great attention to support services guarantees long years of correct operation and energy-optimized solutions.
Whatever is the place of installation of products, VERA® offers a point of contact near customer.

The Mission

Planning and proposing advanced systems able to save finances customer.
Our slogan “save solution” identifies our policy based to innovative technology VERA®. This technology allows to reduce direct and indirect energy costs.

Our mission will be successful when every customer will have reason to continue to buy our solutions.

Energy and strategy

The strength of VERA® lies in people: they’re the key of success. Our team is a motivated group worldwide that works to guarantee to its customers the highest degree of satisfaction.

VERA® bases its strategic position on the market, operating in three different segments in targeted and distinct way:

  • We recondition old systems making them reliable with the latest generation of technologies using VERA® technology, which allows: a drastically reduction of energetic costs lowering the “energetic cost per product pair”; maximizing energetic efficiency; and bringing VERA®’s technology near customer needs
  • We provide all kinds of services at competitive prices.
  • With customer we can follow a joint path of innovative solutions. For optimizing production processes, we work constantly on the evaluation of ideas that can be placed on the market. All research themes are minutely analysed: from heat exchange, control software, up to management of particular circuit solutions.


Since 2014 energy and strategy


All started in 2014 in the province of Padua, with an innovative idea to give to footwear industry customers, the opportunity to transform their old systems.
Energetic efficiency it’s the trademark of the company.

Today VERA® it’s a trademark 100% owned from BRService. It’s a company deeply rooted in Italian and world territory, able to offer to customers optimal energy solutions for injection machines related to footwear industry.
It’s facing an important growth path accompanied by a lot of stimulants challenges and crowned by the satisfaction of the results achieved in the global market (while keeping its origins).

Everywhere and independent
VERA® with its network of official agents, is present in over 20 countries worldwide; presence that guarantees an excellent geographical coverage for customers.

Lean and independent structure allows to implement value where required, depending on the market needs, ensuring fast and flexible strategies, providing consultancy and POST SALE services.

What is VERA®’s overhaul
Energy Saving
We wanted to share with you a project that we have developed in BRService and that we have already made operational for a few years.
We buy your used machines