VERA®’s technology considers complete overhaul as:

total replacement of electrical and electronic components
  • total replacement of electrical and electronic components
  • Brushless motors,
  • permanent magnet motors,
  • inverters and drives,
  • latest version of PLC,
  • operator panels included with the latest generation of software that can communicate simply and immediately between them and they can communicate outside the machine, providing any kind of data (real productivity divided by article, consumption of raw material for item product, total power consumption per article) and receiving any kind of information (such as programming of short or long-term production).
total replacement of hydraulic components
  • The hydraulic VERA® supports the customer in identifying type of system more suitable for its needs, evaluate conditions necessary to provide at customer the product best suited to the most advantageous economic conditions.
  • A properly designed system, allows economic savings in management, in addition to rely on a expert partner, always guarantees innovative and performing solutions.
  • VERA ® has specialized in the construction of power units and Energy Saving hydraulic power-packs, gaining trust in the market by always assigning projects more complex and important with the objective of real energy saving.
complete replacement of pneumatic components

Complete replacement of pneumatic components including cylinders and valves. VERA ® Pneumatic pays particular attention to use design tools technologically advanced, that allowed, in recent years, to develop an engineering design based on the best components available on the market, extremely performed, and to improve products that we offer to our customers.

Indeed, tools used allow us to reduce development time of new products and achieve superior performance, to provide rapid and satisfying responses to market needs. Likewise, even under the productive aspect, VERA ® Pneumatics has always been engaged to improvement and updating the processing and assembly machinery, to offer high quality at competitive costs.

total overhaul of mechanical components
  • total disassembly of 100% of each individual component,
  • application of the blasting primer and varniching, in accordance with the current regulations, with original colors or personalized by customer.
  • total remake of the manuals
total remake of the manuals

The total reconstruction of the manuals with the relative CE certification it’s verified by institutions specialized and authoritative, notified and enabled by the Ministry of Economic Development, included in the group of Notified Organisms to operate in the field of product certification and carry out inspection activity.


testing at our headquarters for each individual component and acceptance by the customer final before shipping.

assembly and start-up

Assembly and starting machine will be realized to the customer by specialized technicians able to guarantee maximum quality of installation in the shortest time possible.

after-sales assistance

The after-sales service is essential and necessary
After sales assistance of VERA® is a key link in the company’s commercial chain, is the function that allows to preserve the relationship with the customer, respecting the established agreement, giving a good impression of the company and the brand.

The best way to have machines always at maximum efficiency is the prevention, that VERA ® plans on demand through a constant and regular maintenance program, in able to replace components before they fail. Thanks to this, your safety is guarantee, the life of your machines is extended over time and production becomes much more advantageous.

What is VERA®’s overhaul

Overhaul is a general term that it’s very often used in an improper manner.
Overhaul of a system or machinery it’s necessary when there’re some breakages or malfunctions due to usury.
That is also necessary when we must make according to the law machinery/implantations which are not lined up with the current safety regulation.

We do overhaul of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, with eventual repainting. We can also evaluate any changes to improve quality of production process or to make it more efficient.
VERA®’s Technology aim is to offer to the customer multiple solutions to optimize all the technical aspects of overhaul.

Energy Saving
We wanted to share with you a project that we have developed in BRService and that we have already made operational for a few years.
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